When thinking about setting up an array of IoT enabled proprietary devices, a client needs to seriously consider the financial logistics and costs involved. Having a cloud based network, with the cloud back-end being provided by a third party provider as opposed to hosting one by yourself, is costly. Add on the cost of the technical staff at your end, with specific trainings and certifications required to work on those platforms and you can see the picture a little more clearly.


Added on top of this are costs involved with the internet services being provided, wirelessly sometimes to all of your devices or even when need may be. For drones flying around, this means dedicated devices that can send and receive wireless communications, using for example SIM cards just like cellphones. And if these costs aren’t enough, there is always the communicating interface which is mostly provided by a third party vendor.

With every single message being counted using the communicating API, the cost of thousands of messages reaches for the sky. These are a few of the costs involved with the client-server model unlike that of LGTech’s.

LGTech uses a node to node servicing model where each device has the capability of acting as a mini-server, a small scale forwarding device, apart from its regular capabilities. This enables our solutions to communicate without the need of a communication interface provided by a third party as well as the middle man cloud provider. The messages can be stored over the devices physical memory and offloaded whenever the device is scheduled for maintenance.

Lastly, due to all this, LGTech offer superior security and integration services, with everything in-house the documentation available for technical support is also a key resource. In this manner, LGTech’s solution saves its clients considerably in regards to costs incurred while developing the solution, testing it and then subsequently, deploying it for commercial use.