Our Work Ethic


We are a young and dynamic organization with passion nothing short of making the world turn. We are now a scale-up, having moved up taking the responsibility to tackle on the challenges of real life and the real world with the possibilities that IOT has to offer.

We look for transparency and diversity in thinking. We celebrate all our feats and triumphs together, remembering every key player. This is how we are geared to creating to creating the future ourselves.


Our Work Environment – The Difference

LGTech is especially proud of its capabilities leveraging on existing technology stacks and upcoming academic research enabling our customers with IoT service provisioning, device management & SDK development creating our mark in all markets, including all x2x arenas.

Within biomedical, automobile, transportation and logistics industry, LGTech has a widely tested range of product and service offerings, with suppliers and vendors thoroughly vetted to commit quality development each time.


Work Ethics

A willingness to work hard and smart and reciprocating the effort of others is extremely important. Sometimes, it means going the extra mile to get the job done and taking initiative. Also, using company time for personal activities or pursuits is not appreciated

Dependability and Reliability

Quality, punctuality and deliverance. Communicating your opinions and ideas as well as your short comings is the kind of reliability we want. Reporting over assignments means you take your job seriously and don’t just think of it as a means to a paycheck

Respect towards Others

Treat others how you want to be treated yourself. This includes every single person who you report to as well as those who report to you. Projecting friction forward instead of dealing with it in a professional manner

Honesty and Uprightness

This means taking responsibility for your actions and not being afraid to admit you’ve made a mistake. With LGTech’s company culture, honesty is rewarded, directed towards deliverance

Motivation, Self or Otherwise

We want people who are proactive and work towards the end goal of the company and provisioning of quality services to the client. This in turn is heavily rewarded in LGTech’s work scape

Why Should You Apply

Who We Are Looking For

High learning environment Excellent growth and advancement opportunities Cozy working environment Incentive program Possibility of
shaping the future

Highly adaptable individuals with a positive attitude and critical thinking skills to fill the vacant positions. If you are creative, yet focused & innovative, yet practical, we’re definitely looking for you


Health is Wealth

Medical care plans In house Medical Facilities Dependents Coverage

Plan Ahead

401(k) plan Internal Shares IncentiveLoans and Equity Financing

Care for Yourself

Time off Work-life Load Balancing Broadbanding Policies

Care for Your Loved Ones

Maternity & Parental Leave Dependents Care Leave

Care for Others

Donation Matching Volunteer Programs Mentorship and Counseling

Knowledge Is Power

Academic Reimbursement Internal resources Access to In house Research