Good To Haves


LGTech is looking for passionate people, all the time. We are dedicated to creating a working environment which enables not just the company and its clients but furthermore and most importantly its workforce. This is why we demand excellence beyond par with each person we bring into our work environment. Take a look below to see what we’re looking for.


We look for academic supremacy within all fields and disciplines, because let’s face it; as an organization we require personnel from all walks of the industry to enable growth and sustain our repute as one of the best service providers in the industry.

Must Haves:

  • Bachelors Degree from a well-reputed institute
  • Certifications in accordance to the discipline
  • A thorough understanding of IOT developments



LGTech prides itself over the fact that our management as well as operations personnel are dedicated to the tasks committed which is why it is crucial that they communicate in a professional and timely manner.


Above all else, we want leaders, not just in their respective fields but also in life in general. This enables us to rely on our personnel to get the job done and not slack off on a given task. This literally means, that before one employee asserts an accountability over others, they need to remember that they are in the same boat and the rules apply to everyone.


There is no point in being open and communicative, if you cannot respect the other person. At LGTech we recognize how every single person, whether white collar or blue, plays an integral part in making the company move forward.



Listed as the first and foremost, standardization is the main component of LGTech’s workforce. This is because of one simple reason. IOT is still a developing concept with a lot of ground work needing coverage before commercial deployment, especially due to LGTech’s approach towards the smaller projects and applications.

Key Terms:

Mobile Computing, Microchip Design, Mobile Networks Architecture, Data Center Architecture, Cloud Architecture, LoRa, Sigfox, OBDI


There is not one, but many technology stacks and platforms that can be enabled and later integrated to work with IOT devices and other related areas of development. Since IoT focuses heavily on embedded devices, Operating System fundamentals is a must have. Following this, development professionals need a sound understanding of their programming language & environment with respect to the deployment of such technologies on a broad variation of devices, whether commercially available or in concept only.

Key Terms:

Linux, UNIX, Windows, MS-DOS, MacOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian.


No matter what platform, at the end of the day, it all boils down to the implementation mechanisms employed that ensure that devices work the way they’re supposed to. For that purpose, we look for industry professionals who understand their development environments beyond the regular pseudo code and algorithm development. Factors that truly enable or disable devices are found deep within the intricacies of the environments, which can cause devastating effects once the software is deployed across a mass of devices.

Key Terms:

AT commands, TCP/IP, WAN/LAN, SAE, Protocols, J2EE, Algorithm, Data Structure, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, Nodes.JS, Agile, SCRUM


The following are a list of soft, technical skills and otherwise, which we want but are not necessary.

  1. IOT Data Management
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Information Security
  4. UI/UX Design
  5. Hardware Interfacing
  6. IP Networking
  7. Design for Data
  8. Machine Learning and AI