Welcome to knowledge section, where we combine all the information you need to get a sound understanding of what we do. Take a look below to understand how LGTech is revolutionizing the market and its development with its core technological platforms as well as IoT in general in regards to its development and future potential.

Let’s Talk About IoT Knowledge Bases

Learn what privacy concerns, compliance & regulatory information and technical resources you should have on hand, when navigating an IoT knowledge base.

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The Potential of IoT

Get insights into that potential IoT has to offer for you, your company & business as well as your community.

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What’s All the Hype About?

Take a closer look into what differentiates IoT concepts & technology from regular web, cloud, VOIP, or even mobile technology stacks.

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IoT Policy and Compliance

The must have information on policy concerns, policy regulations, device management as well as information sharing frameworks when operating across different regions and beyond borders.

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Upcoming IoT Developments

Access IoT policy and regulation for devices and commercially available products such as cameras, drones, and even refrigerators.

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Scaled Deployments

Ever heard of smart cities or smart factories? Read up more on how these are coming to life around you.

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Confidentiality and Availability

Ensure your devices and the associated personal or technical data is not compromised at any point. Make sure you and your data are safe and thoroughly available where and when needed.

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IoT & Business Intelligence

IoT has potential for analytics and heuristic based measurement due to its collection of devices and the information being shared across. Get insights into what works and what doesn’t.

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Financing for Your IoT Needs

Whether you have IoT in mind for your personal or business needs, financial concerns including need to be assessed through and through for a thorough understanding of where IoT can and cannot land you.

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Securing Your Devices

Where do you turn to when your devices get compromised? How about making sure they stay secure?

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IPv4 Vs. IPv6

How is the shift from IPv4 to IPv6 going to enable IoT technology stacks?

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SIM Based Interactions

IoT enabled over a SIM card for cellphones? This section answer all those need to knows.

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Get the information and the resources you need to stay on top of the IoT developments and deployments around you, such as the rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband.

General Policy, Compliance and Regulation

Get insider access to confidential information related to a range of policy, compliance and regulatory initiatives with the information structured for the individual as well as the business.

Real Life Integrations

What about smart vehicles, operating in those very smart cities? Policy management as well as framework development is outlined here.

Locale Based Knowledge

Take a look at what makes IoT special and unique to your region and how you can use this technology to service your own industrial as well as communal agendas.