Our Technology


LGTech offers a machine-to-machine IoT. In essence, this means no third party integrations. LGTech has its own technology stack for all IoT solution types.


LGTech has its own cloud storage, eliminating the need and pains of a third party integration.


LGTech’s management has worked with aviation, dentistry and everything in between.


Our aim is to use our patented technology to enable solutions with the best hardware possible.


Make your devices SMART with sensory and communicative capability.


We understand Industrial IoT as well as anyone with its broad scope of applications up ahead.


In our experience, this can be the most crucial aspect of the whole ensemble… which is why we developed our own.

Data Center

LGTech has its own data center making sure we’re not a costly option for your IoT needs.

In-House Expertise

Why we manage our own data center and cloud is simple. Because we know how to!

Our Cloud

We have setup our own cloud and manage it ourselves, so support is available in-house 24x7x365.

Edge Enabled

With multiple locations in the pipe line, we are ready to offer edge computing for everything IoT.


In our experience, this can be the most crucial aspect of the whole ensemble… which is why we developed our own.


LGTech has its own gateway model, interface and SDK. Forget faulty configurations.


Our own technology means no hidden fees and no middle man charges… ever!


For IoT, reliability and integrity are the most important factors. That’s where our gateway comes in.

Edge Enabled

With our cloud edge-enabled, our gateway model is also edge-enabled for maximum throughput.


We are ready to offer edge-computing to our clients for maximum, cross-border throughput.

Cross Border

With multiple locations in the pipeline, LGTech is ready to offer edge based cloud solutions.

Up to Date

Involved with pure academic research, LGTech is on par with the latest trends.


For devices numbering in the thousands, LGTech’s solutions are fully scalable.


Our sight is set on deliverance, and that is always reflected in the result.


LGTech is hosting everything in house. We have our own datacenter, gateway interface as well as an edge-ready cloud base.


LGTech has its own patent as well as others on the way, leading innovation and diversity.


With a  cross-industrial management portfolio, we have the resources ready to develop everything in house.


Since we’re developing everything in house, we know how to best work towards your administrative ease.


We have experts of all IoT components developing everything under one roof. We can help.

LGTech’s design and development model are geared towards self-sufficiency, which is why each device can provide server-grade security and communication.