Time is a forward moving entity which we have no control over. Which is why, as much of it as we may have, it’s still slipping out of our hands. This is the reason, why companies need to consider time and other time related factors in order to create practical solutions, which solve problems when the solution is needed, not after.


With every solution’s development, the first step is always understanding the requirements of the client. This is especially crucial, since investing all the time and coming up with a solution that doesn’t solve the problem down the road is not just frustrating, it leaves solution providers with a bad name and the clients with in a tough spot.


The development phase of any and every solution requires time. With a team of humans who have to sit down and develop the solution from the ground up, each solution’s development has a time frame, and if the situation is mission critical, the time needs to be utilized effectively. This is why, planning and strategizing are so important for the timely and practical development of a solution.


Due to the scaled nature of IoT, for the proper implementation of a network of devices, the devices need to be thoroughly tested as well as the network. With any device not living up to the security, integrity and connectivity of devices, the whole network will ultimately fail. For this reason, a considerable amount of time needs to be invested in testing the whole solution, before deployment. Without this, the system subsequently failing is inevitable. And this is not the end of it. A system not failing, but getting compromised due to the untested and unidentified vulnerabilities, is even more dangerous.


A solution tested and checked for vulnerabilities still needs implementation. It still requires deployment at the clients end. Without the deployment, what was the purpose of developing the whole solution. That said, the deployment of a system, whether piloting or in one go, will always require some time to roll out. This is a time frame that needs to be considered heavily, since this is the point moving forward from which there is literally no coming back.